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PremaSound is an independent label of Gabriele and Gianluca Ducros. Professional musicians and assiduous frequenters of India, that very land, always oriented to the spirituality and the research of the Divine one, the awareness of how the devotional song can be a perfect way for spiritual discipline, in degree to connect mind and heart and to harmonize with it's action the body, to any level

The greatest part of the production Premasound is directed to create an involving and important compare's moment, through a suggestive interlacement of melodies, colors and sounds, between India and the west, two cultures sprung by a common matrix and that during the millennia  have undertaken opposite and divergent is their shop on line where is possible to purchase Cd or download single tracks or whole compilation of their production. Here you have the possibility to listen the takes of the songs and, if you will be interested, to buy them.